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Photography Art Road Trips have become a passion of ours - getting off the main roads, exploring and photographing the small towns, back roads, urban scenes, seashores and mountains of our great country.

What can you expect to find here?

  • Info on planning your travel to include great photography opportunities.

  • Royalty free photographs to download for personal and commercial use.
  • Infrared photos and tips.

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  • Basic photography tutorials.

  • Tips and tutorials for taking your photos to the next level.

  • HDR photos and tips.
  • Photography art prints for decorating your home or office.
  • Tutorials on creating your own original digital paintings without the use of filters and automation.
  • Documentation of our journey to change our lifestyle to allow for spending two or more years on the road, traveling and photographing the back roads and small towns of America.

Photography Art Road Trip Blog
Photography Art Road Trip Blog
Royalty Free Photographs
Royalty Free Photographs - Download for your personal or commercial projects. Including infrared landscape photographs.
Great American Road Trip
Photographs and travel plans for our Great American Road Trip . . . actually multiple trips criss crossing the great American landscape.
Photography Road Trip Planning Guide
Our Road Trip Planning Guide will help you prepare for your next photographic road trip. Printable checklist and suggestions for packing and planning for short or extended road travel.
Starting a Photography Business
Learn the true ins and outs of starting a photography business from someone who has done it. Learn about the benefits and risks involved. Learn what you need to do to increase your odds of building a
My New Infrared Digital Camera
Steps to choosing an infrared digital camera.
About Us
Learn a bit about why we love to travel, why our trips center around the creation of photographic art.
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