About Us

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Glad you stopped by.

A bit about us and how this site came to be . . .

My husband and I love to travel. Mostly taking road trips by car, traveling the back roads with a camera when possible. In theory at least one of us (husband) should be retired by now, but life hasn't quite worked out that way.

I am a professional photographer and we also run a Kettle Corn and Cinnamon Roasted Nut concession business on a seasonal basis.

Nearly 4 years ago we closed our brick and mortar studio in an attempt to simplify our lives. The first couple of winters were spent doing location photography and portrait paintings in Florida. Then we returned to Wisconsin in the spring of the year to run the Kettle Corn business during the summer and fall months.

Even though we love the Kettle Corn business, it is physical work and it is now time to move on to something a bit less physically demanding. We live a crazy, fast paced life juggling the demands of two businesses and trying to travel as much as possible in between. It's time to make some changes.

The Plan

On a recent road trip to Denver we began brainstorming ideas for how to earn a living while maintaining a flexible schedule and still being able to travel. Our road trips are our favorite time to discuss ideas and dream.

So here we are, just a few months later with plans in place to begin a journey of changing our lifestyle to free up more time to travel, camera in hand.

We have decided to sell the Kettle Corn business, much as we love it. We are in process of establishing new businesses to support us on our journey. We are still undecided about whether or not we will sell our house. I am continuing with my photography and paintings, having changed my emphasis away from portrait photography toward stock and landscape photography, including infrared and HDR photographs.

This website will provide an avenue for sharing photographs and artwork from our travels. We are providing downloadable files for use on your websites or for limited printing. And we will be providing tips and tutorials for your own photography projects and businesses.

It is our hope that you will enjoy our photographs and artwork, that you may find encouragement to follow your dreams and that your learn something while visiting us here.

Ken and Kim