The Great American Road Trip Dream

new river bridge visitor center, west virginia, infrared black and white

Our Great American Road Trip discussions began as we drove from Denver back to Eastern Wisconsin in July of 2009. We were lamenting the fact that we simply did not have time on this trip to take our time, get off the interstate and see what the local scenery had to offer as we had done on so many trips before.

Thus began our brainstorming session to determine the following:

  • How could we spend more time on the road? We have both always loved traveling, but work schedules and other commitments have always come first.

  • Could we really live on the road, taking our time and enjoying what the American landscape has to offer?

  • Where would we stay and how would we get there?

  • How would we earn a living?

  • Would we take multiple shorter trips or just sell the house and live on the road full time?

  • What about selling our current business?

  • What about family commitments, medical care, residency, voting, vehicle registration, insurance, etc.?

We had way more questions than answers, but we were able to agree that we would like to plan toward living on the road, at least part time and for at least two years.

As soon as we returned from our Denver trip, we began researching our options.

October 2009 brought the first of many planned American road trips for the upcoming years. Criss crossing the American landscape and photographing as we go.

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